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Let's go to visit Indonesia
Let's go to visit Indonesia

Friday, November 26, 2010

Let's Go to Bali Island

Bali may be small - you can drive around the coast in a day - but its importance as a destination is huge, and rightly so. Ask what travelers Bali means to them and get as many answers as there are flowers on a frangipani. virescence rice terraces, impressive pulse surf, enchanting temple ceremonies, dance performances and films are lovely beaches only a few images of people who are dear.

Small, of course, is not limited. The whirlwind of manic sequences in Kuta Seminyak luxury. The whirlwind of art in Ubud is a counterpoint to walk through fog volcanoes. smooth stations Amed, Lovina and Pemuteran is located along the coast and near the east coast of Nusa Lembongan relaxed affair

As they fall on the small offers exquisite left on the island that materialize like magic, you can find small tapestry of colors and textures is a metaphor of Bali itself.

And these are just some of the more obvious qualities. A visit to Bali means that you are in the majority of visitors to the island environment of Indonesia. There are pleasures of the body, either a massage on the beach or a hedonistic interlude in a sybaritic spa. Purchases "extra bag" on top of the list. Food and drinks ranging from local cuisine full of flavor to food markets throughout the world, often prepared by chefs and served in restaurants are world class. From the cold Bintang at dusk to an epic night in Kuta nightclubs, social life is limited only by your own value.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's Go to Crater Lake in Indonesia

What is a crater lake? According to Wikipedia mass crater lake water (lakes) that cover the surface of a volcanic crater. About 12% of 700s volcanic crater on the ground covered by the mass of water. In the crater lake usually called Kawah Indonesia. Crater Lake, which I will discuss here is a crater lake where the water contains sour gas (H2S and SO2) and other greenhouse gases such as chlorine, fluorine, CO and CO2, and not the The lake water is fresh craters such as Lake Toba. In Indonesia, there are several crater lakes know. When I look through the Internet, I found some famous, and I know they are as Best & beautiful crater lake in Indonesia:

1.Kawah Ijen

Kawah Ijen
Ijen crater is a crater lake atop Mount acids Ijen, East Java, at an altitude of 2368 meters to 200 meters from the crater lake depth and breadth is 5466 hectares. Crater in the area of nature reserve nature trail Bondowoso Ijen, East Java.

2.Kelimutu Lake
Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutu Lake is a crater lake atop the mountain, Kelimutu in Ende, Flores Island, Nusa Tenggara Timu. I put this first because of its uniqueness. Kelimutu lake consists of three lakes, where the color of lakes has always changed.

3.Kawah Putih
Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih (White Crater) is a crater lake of Mount Patuha with altitude 2434 meters above sea level with temperatures between 8-22 ° C. At the summit of Mount Patuha it Saat crater, which is located west of the crater and Putih with a height of 2194 meters, the average Saat low tide in the Sudanese language. Both craters were formed by an eruption that occurred in the X and XII centuries ago. Putih crater is located about 46 km or 35 km from Bandung, the capital, Bandung regency, Soreang title Ciwidey.

4.Kawah Kelud
Kawah Kelud

Kelud crater of Mount Kelud. Kelud is a volcanic mountain in East Java province, Indonesia. Places Kelud mountain border between Kediri and Blitar districts.

5.Segara Anak
Segara Anak

Segara Anak crater lake is located in the Mount Rinjani in Lombok island in Indonesia. The name Segara Anak means of the son of the sea that is given by the blue lake the sea recalls

6. Kawah Tangkuban Perahu

Kawah Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu is the name of a mountain in West Java province, Indonesia. Tangkuban Perahu mountain has two craters, the crater crater Upas and Ratu (Queen Crater), but Ratu crater is more popular than Upas crater as the crater is more beautiful landscape Ratu Upas crater. Tangkuban Perahu crater at an altitude of 2084 + m elevation.

Let's Go to Kelud Mountain ( East Java )

Kelud Mountain ( East Java )

Kelud Mountain has changed after the outbreak in November 2007. Climax activity of Kelud Mountain dome is screwed a crater lake. Today, with its dome, which comes from the crater,Kelud Kelud is more beautiful than before, adding that with other phenomenal never happen before. The Dome is seems to be Kelud Mountain Fantastic Sun and curious natural panorama.
Kelud Volcano

Kelud crater

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's Go to Bromo Mountain ( East Java )

Bromo Mountain ( East Java )

 Bromo Mountain  is a convenient stop for travellers between Bali and Surabaya, and the most popular of all of East Java's travel destinations, this active 2,392-metre- (7,85 foot-) high volcano lies 112 kilometres (70 miles), about three hours, southeast of Surabaya. Enclosed by perpendicular walls 350 metres (1,150 feet) high, Bromo's awesome 2,200-metre- (7,220-foot-) high 'sand sea' caldera has three mountains within it, craters within one huge crater, the Bromo Semeru Massif. There are also three small crater lakes inside the larger crater, with waterfowl and excellent hiking. The ideal time to visit is in the dry season (April-November) when you have a better chance of seeing a blood-red sunrise in the wet season, you might as well sleep late and stroll across the sand sea during the warmer part of the day, after the heavy fog has blown away. The temperature on top of Bromo is around 5 degree (40 degree); in July, it could drop to 0 degree (32 degree), so dress warmly. Three times a year, the site is overrun by tourists in February when an annual festival takes place, over Christmas, and during July and August. So plan your visit for another time if you don't like crowds. From Bromo's peak are stunning views of active Gunung Semeru, Java's highest mountain.

View from the top to a villages
Hindu's Tample in Bromo Mt

View with the clouds